Shaun Joubert

Name: Shaun Joubert

Age: 25

Home Town: Mossel Bay / Stellenbosch

Claim to fame? Did pretty well as a junior, did the Q for a couple years and won ISA

World Games in 2013.

Favourite type of wave and the board you would use for them? My favourite type of

wave is a right point. About head high with a little bit of onshore is my favourite, i find

that the most rippable. I would right my regular shorty, 5'11 x 18.4 x 2.25 squash.

Tell us something about yourself thats un surf related? I currently study Industrial

Engineering at Stellenbosch University. And I like playing golf!

Heaviest thing you have seen while surfing? I was in the water when Joe Krone got

attacked by a shark the morning of a junior event at the point in J-bay. Luckily he

didn't sustain any permanent injuries.

Why trust Fishstix? I like how Fish keeps it simple, so I know pretty much every

board is gonna go. And the fact that he also shreds makes it easy for me to leave the

design up to him, and I know that he has put his models to the test and I can trust his


Shaun Rides

Surf Punk 5’11 x 18.5 x 2 ¼ x 26.2L

Wave Improver 5’9 x 18 ¾ x 2 5/16 x 26.4L