We believe that there is only one way to make surfboards & this is to make them the right way!
Using the best materials available & with the best team of experienced board builders who are passionate about surfboards & making a world class product.
We are always aspiring to constantly improve our product & provide the best service to our customers.


Born in 1981 in East London, South Africa, Simon Fish has been surfing since he could walk. He earned a name for himself competing in the South African Pro-junior circuit & represented South Africa at the World Grommet Champs in Australia.
After school the stylish goofy-footer carved his way around Australia, New Zealand & Europe and has spend several seasons in Hawaii & Indonesia.

Fish started shaping in Hawaii during the 2004/2005 season, under experienced eye of North Shore veteran Buddy McCray.

Back in South Africa, Fish set up a shaping bay in a friend garage and was soon seen ripping the local waves on his own boards. Surf buddy and professional surfer Roydon Bryson also participated in early R&D, shredding on an early Fishstix.

Fish soon started racking up a few big result on the South African scene. “Shaping boards for myself sparked a fire” says Fish. Other surfers began to take note of Fish’s high performance boards and he soon began shaping for all the local boys.

“I have been fortunate enough to work with great shapers, Andrew Carter was very influential in the beginning. During my travels I have been fortunate to work with Jeff Bushman in Hawaii, Al Emery in Australia, as well as a host of South Africa’s best board builders”

Fish is now based in Cape St Francis, fine-tuning boards at his home break and at J-bay with top local surfers. With Super-tubes arguable the worlds best right-hand point, there is no better testing ground for the new breed of Fishstix

“My style of surfing & the waves I ride influence the boards I shape. This is then integrated into the boards & passed on to the customer or team rider.”